Land art project – Bull Constellation

I try now to explain my project in english also.

First of all I want to apologize for my bad english but you know, I’m just an italian (and I’ve not voted for 2 clowns)

Second, for who don’t know me and my work, in these year I paint mainly bulls and kites and often (3 times) a Biannual Art contenporary institution here near Volterra (Tuscany) invited me to built  installations, so in these year I made kites and bulls as installations. This last installation was very hard for me, but I think nothing respect the one of this year: do you see this painting?


well, this painting (or something similar) must locate here:


this is the view from Montegemoli (the village quarter of the Biannual Art exhibition)… and, do you see the two stones? Well, these are 5 meter long each.. So, to realize something of visible, I will make a bull long about 15-20 meters…

I think I need help, physic and phsychiatric I suppose 🙂

hello by a lost man




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