Legno e ancora legno

Ho sempre sognato di fare l’artigiano, evidentemente…

Era dai tempi della sagoma dei tori terrestri nel 2011 che non piegavo più il legno…
Per questo progetto di Costellazioni, per Larderello… uno dei due a cui sto lavorando…



Alcor & Mizar (Ursa Major)

nteractive Land Art Installation
Art in the Woods / Holmfirth Arts Festival 2016 – West Yorkshire, UK2016, non-fabric tissue, wood, plastic, old telephone, LEDs, interactive device
about 30 x 11 mt

voice by Colin Pilkington

These 2 stars of the Big Dipper (sometimes called “horse and rider”) forms a naked eye double star that were very important in ancient history. The ability to perceive this separation of these two stars, was considered a test of good vision and was called the “test” to be a member of the Imperial Guard of Emperor Arabic.
I took this story and 2016 according to the theme of the art in the Woods, “the circus” I created a little story on the phone, where Alcor speaks with the visitor who pick up the phone, asking him/her to look it up…

click HERE to see the video of the interactive telephone